Gas Certificates

What are my responsibilities?

Landlords in the UK are required, by law, to have a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, called a CP12.  

A CP12 certificate proves that you have met your legal obligations to have safety checks carried out on all of the gas equipment in your rented property.

If poorly installed and maintained, gas appliances can be dangerous, which is why it’s so important a qualified engineer checks them at least annually.

Failing to get a CP12 certificate for your rented property could result in a hefty fine and up to 6 month’s jail time.

Boiler Inspection

What is checked?

Gas safety checks will be carried out on any boilers, ovens, pipework, flues, chimneys and other fixtures and fittings that burn or exhaust gas. Your gas engineer will check:

  • Appliances are working at the correct pressure
  • Appliances are burning gas properly
  • There’s adequate air supply to appliances
  • Flues and chimneys are clear so gases and fumes can be safely discharged
  • Safety devices on appliances are working as they should


If you have new tenants moving into a property, it’s recommended that you book a gas safety check before they do so. New tenants are entitled to receive a copy of the CP12 gas certificate before they move in. You are also required to provide a copy of the gas safety certificate for existing tenants, within 28 days of its issue.


Most frequent questions and answers

Gas safety checks don’t take very long – normally between 20 and 30 minutes.  Of course, the more gas appliances that need checking, the longer it’ll take.  If any urgent repairs are needed, the gas safety check may also take a little longer.

To make it as efficient as possible and reduce the time it takes the engineer you need to ensure your gas engineer will have free access to all of the gas appliances in the property. 

If there are any issues with your gas appliances, your gas engineer will advise you (the landlord) on the repairs required to make them safe again to get authorisation. If repairs can’t be carried out straight away, it is your responsibility to ensure the appliances remain out of use.

To ensure you have a complete record, you should keep documentation of any follow-up action and work carried on your gas appliances with your gas safety certificate.  It is good practice to keep gas safety records should for a minimum of 2 years.

Gas Safety certificates can only be issued by engineers registered with Gas Safe. 

You can check that a gas engineer is registered by searching for them on the Gas Safe website. They should also have a Gas Safe registration card, which you can ask to see.