Floor Fitting

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Flooring supplied and installed within 14 days.

We understand that speed is important because an empty property is costing you money.  We will work quickly and make sure that your flooring is supplied and fitted within 14 days, including our free complimentary visit to check your measurements. 

Fast Installation

Supplied and installed within 14 days.

Choice of Quality

Hard Wearing, Comfort or Luxury carpet.

Easy to Use

Designed for busy landlords.

How does it work?

You can select our Whole Property fixed price service to get your property done quickly and easily ready for letting or choose your flooring room by room.  

Once you have decide which rooms you would like new flooring in follow our simple measurement guide to find out how much flooring you need (we will come and check before ordering). 

To make it simple, we offer a fixed price service for hallways, landings and stairs.

We offer a light and dark version of three grades of carpet: Hard Wearing, Comfort or Luxury as well as a range of vinyl flooring.  

Choose the one that suits your needs and whether you need underlay, grippers etc.  

Add each room that you would like and whether you need landing, stairs, hallways etc and that’s it.  We’ll get in touch to come and check your measurements and get your flooring fitted quickly. 

How to measure your floor.

Simply measure the width of your room and the length of your room, in meters, to use on our product pages – it couldn’t be easier. 

We will come and double check all measurements before ordering your carpet.

Please ensure you have measured the widest part of your room and longest part of your room, including any drop backs or alcoves etc. 

Floor Measuring

Complimentary Visit

We will visit the property to ensure all measurements are accurate.

Fitting Included

Fitting is included in all floor prices with an optional floor removal service available.

Free Delivery

All of our flooring will be delivered to your property completely free of charge.

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